Sweet Paige | 6 month old Baby Shoot

 For the first four months of her life, every time I met Paige she was snuggled next to her mommy in her carrier, fast asleep. Not so much any more! Awake! alert! sitting up! Time for a photo shoot! 


Cute Kid | Toronto Child Photography

Cute Kid. 'Nuff said.

Colin McAdam | Toronto Portrait Photography

Back in December, I had the privilege of photographing Toronto author, Colin McAdam for Hamish Hamilton Canada.  The brick wall shot was used for his book cover (my first book cover portrait!) and others for publicity purposes. Colin's new book A Beautiful Truth is now on shelves and my photos can be seen on Hamish Hamilton's website as well as in The Toronto Star and Winnipeg Free Press, as well as many other media outlets in the coming weeks.


1 Week Old | Toronto Newborn Photography

This sweetie came to me at only seven days old. He was a bit camera shy and did not want to be put down by his mama.  It took him a while, but he finally warmed up to the idea.  I'm so glad we waited for him to be ready! He also decided that he did not want to sleep for us, but that is OK because he got to show off his beautiful eyes.